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Producing Projects

Keaton Morris-Stan is an award-winning filmmaker and founder of Greater than the Sum, a Producing company that is dedicated to creation through collaboration. Her films are committed to returning the empowered voice to those whose stories are being told. As a Producer and Writer, Keaton’s work has focused on telling divergent stories through an existential human lens.

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Directed by Kiarra Goldberg

Written & Produced by Keaton Morris-Stan

How do you mourn the loss of something that you never had?

Grace experiences a miscarriage after a first date leads to an accidental pregnancy. Fractal follows the story of her struggle across three different realities; memory, present-day, and a dream of what could have been.

FRACTAL premiered at the McMinnville Film Festival in 2022, and has since seen 21 official selections, won 6 awards, and has received 14 additional nominations. It has played at the Woodstock Film Festival (Oscar Qualifying), Hill Country, Lone Star, and SoHo International. 



Co-Directed by Phoebe Dunn & Denver Millord

Written by Phoebe Dunn

Produced by Keaton Morris-Stan

When a kinky monogamist designer expresses interest in opening up her relationship, she struggles between satisfying her desires and staying faithful to her partner.

NEGOTIATION premiered at Blackbird Film Festival April 2024

Next appearing at Long Island Int'l Film Expo on July 11th

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Directed by Anna Russell

Written by Keaton Morris-Stan

Produced by Squeaky Wheel Entertainment

in Collaboration with Greater Than the Sum

When her sister carries a secret to the grave, our protagonist Rachel must choose between getting revenge and exposing a truth that the world may not be ready for.

METHOD & MADNESS is currently in Post Production. More information coming soon!

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Directed by Nancy Nagrant

Written by Keaton Morris-Stan

Produced by Nancy Nagrant & Keaton Morris-Stan

A female friendship gets compromised by social media envy and competition for the male gaze.

GORGEOUS AS YOU ARE is currently in development. More information coming soon!

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Directed by Julie Herlocker

Written by Rachel Mann

Produced by Saro Varjabedian, Nancy Nagrant, Josephine Cashman & Rachel Mann

Co-Produced by Keaton Morris-Stan

After a Women’s Health doctor has a charged encounter with a volatile protester, she faces a moral dilemma she could never imagine.

RIGHT TO PRIVACY is currently in Post Production. More information coming soon!

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Directed & Written by MJ Kaufman

Produced by Nancy Nagrant & EnGarde Arts

Co-Produced by Keaton Morris-Stan

Soul-searching transmasc Frankie has a crush on his sexy daddy therapist, until one day things get too real.

THERAPIST CRUSH is premiering this month June 2024!

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Directed by Stephen Emerick

Co-Written & Produced by Julia Maggiola and Keaton Morris-Stan

Two best friends learn to let go with a little tea and a lot of love.​

When Britt and Vi connect over tea, they're faced with a difficult prospect; they may be drifting in two different directions. A story about friendship and love, and learning to let go.

ALB played at 5 film festivals, including Bridgeport Film Festival (Nominated for Best Connecticut Film) and Cutting Room NYC International Short Film Festival (Nominated for Best Short Drama). It can now be viewed on YouTube.

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