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Wow the bride looks so beautiful that honestly it is hard to watch especially because I can tell her acquaintances are about to ruin her wedding"

Soon By You, Directed by Leah Gottfried

Jenny Singer, Forward

“Even the amoebalike ensemble...does unusually fine work: a crucial element in a play about the manipulation of crowds.” 

Julius Caesar, Directed by Oskar Eustis

Jesse Green, New York Times

The most dangerous villain in the piece, though, is the rampaging Roman mob" 

Julius Caesar, Directed by Oskar Eustis

Marilyn Stasio, Variety

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Sarah Poor

Theater Director

"Although Keaton is a perfectionist, her performance style is honest, breathing, living, and brilliantly represents the chaotic nature of a real human experience

Tara Sheffer

Film Director

"Keaton is an absolute pleasure to work with! She takes direction well and has a strong presence on film." 

Jacqueline Cross

Film Director

“I was not only impressed by Keaton’s talent, but was completely blown away by her professionalism and dedication” 

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